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How To Turn On/Off Captions & Subtitles

Dec 15, 2023 Team Superbox

With the Superbox you are able to turn on captions for all channels as well as the size and color of the caption.



First locate the settings button the bottom left button of the Superbox home page using the Superbox remote. Then select the setting screen by clicking the “OK” button on your remote.



The settings menu will appear to get to the captions page start by selecting the device preferences tab.



After this you will select the accessibility tab.


Finally this will bring you to select the captions tab, In this tab there will be options to change language, color, and size of the captions.


Some content will/won't have captions automatically, no matter if this setting is changed 

More instructions on superbox

Superbox S5 Pro     Superbox Elite Ultra

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