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Why buy SuperBox?

Nov 1, 2023 superboxmax Admin

One of the best ways to stream live TV and Movies to your TV is to buy an android tv box.

Android TV box is running on Google Android OS which could install many applications like Youtube, Sling, Netflx...and so on.Thankfully there is a professional,company producing android tv boxes for customers ---

SuperBox streaming media players are the newest and fastest streaming devices available today.Stream TV shows, movies and sports events directly to your television from your SuperBox.One-time payment, No more monthly or yearly charges.

SuperBox is basically a mini PC that runs the Android operating system. lt normally comes with Custom Apps installed that allows you to stream movies, series,channels, sports, etc for free.

SuperBox is the smart Android TV box with the most comprehensive Live TV Channels & Sports Channels on the market,High-defintion picture quality, stable channels, other brands' TV boxes are hard to act to follow.

 ls SuperBox Worth lt? Absolutely yes, With SuperBox TV Box, you can enjoy:

✔. No More Expensive Cable Bills. Only SuperBox Hardware Fee, Use it for life. Big savings.

✔. You Get Over 1300 ordinary & Premium Channels Instantly(USA&Canada,etc).All 100% FREE.

✔. You Get Over 20000 Movies & TV Shows (VOD).All 100%FREE.

✔. You Get Kids,Adults channels. All 100%FREE.

✔. You Get Solid TV Service, Without Buffering and Freezing (Stable Internet Required).Our TV Service is Always Up 99.99% of the Time!

✔. You Get a Better Price,Factory Wholesale Price & Super Agent Price.

. You Get a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

✔. You Get 24/7 Professional Customer Service.


✔. No Monthly Fees, No Hidden Charges, No Ads,No Cable Bills.Save Your Money.

You don't have to pay any hidden or monthly charge for watching the TV content.Cut the cable cord.The only fee you will have to pay is for the SuperBox TV box itself. One purchase, is free for life.

✔. 1300+ HD Live TV Channels Free

* Free subscription to over 1000 HD lives premium channels. There is no time limit for accessing any channels ,especially channels from the USA,Canada, and the Philippines.

*You can even watch local news channels by selecting the regional news option. In addition, the Super Box TV Box comes with pay-per-view activities.

✔ . Wonderful HD live sports channels for free

*Popular sports channels include ESPN, CBS, BBC, FOX, ABC, BEIN, 24/7 and American, Canadian, Latin, Spanish and Filipino channels.

*Whether you are a fan of the NFL or MLB, NBA, NHL, NCAA. Or you like other games like boxing matches, WWE, World Cup, Olympics, etc. There are endless games for you to watch.

✔ . Tons of entertainment - all free

You can explore tons of genres, including drama, thriller, comedy, crime, adventure, horror, action, romance, classic, pop, sci-fi, mystery, documentary, action,18+ movies, and much more. The product includes more than 20,000 TV series and movies as well as live sports HD packages.

7 days play

* LT offers 7-day playback function. Here you will always be able to catch up on any sports or live news that you cannot watch.

* From now on, you won't miss any great game shows.

Available worldwide - domestic and foreign

*We only offer the international version and do not lock the region, which means you can use SuperBox in any country and region in the world.

*SupeBox is a mobile device that you can take anywhere with you as long as you have WIFI, you can watch live TV channels, movies, TV shows as you want.

* Enjoy all the entertainment activities of home or office, travel or vacation.

Buy your Superbox S5 MAX now. We strive to provide a convenient and superior streaming experience for every home.

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